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New technical support website
Posted by Nolly Chio on 19 April 2016 10:15 AM

Dear Customers,

We are now switching to a completely new technical support website If you have not received your username and password please email our sales department


We will continue to work existing tickets through the old technical support website, but we ask that you enter new support tickets to our new support center.


The Connected Business Team

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Important Announcement From Connected Business
Posted by cb admin on 14 April 2016 10:58 PM



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Dear Valued Customer,

There are a lot of exciting things happening here at Connected Business and I wanted to share a few of them with you in this email.


Starting Monday we will have a completely new technical support website –
We will continue to work existing tickets through the old technical support website, but we ask that you enter new support tickets there come Monday.

You will love It was designed based on the feedback we have received from our customers the past few years and will help us better responds to the needs of our customers and partners.

Highlight of the new website include;

New! Support Center:

We will have an entirely new support center that is fully connected with the rest of our internal departments. This will help us be more responsive to your requests.

New! Live Chat:

Customer with our ConnectedCarePRO support plan can now ask quick questions via the live chat button on the website. This is perfect for when you just have a simple question and need a fast answer.

New! My Downloads:

The downloads are now fully integrated with your services.

New! Cloud Server Status:

For our cloud customers, we are looking to enhance your service. The new Server Status section includes any status updates on our cloud environment as well as notifications on any planned downtime. We have also added a new uptime monitoring system that will ping your website every minute and notify our team immediately, 24/7, if your website is down.

New! Billing Center:

All billing will now be done through so that customers can manage and maintain their accounts.

New! Sub Accounts:

When you login to you can now manage all of your companies users to enable billing, support access and more.

New! Project Center:

All of your advanced support tickets and projects are now managed in the project center. From the Projects section you can view all the time entries and invoices related to your projects. No more “support credits” mess!

New! Community Forum:

The new community forum is the perfect place for customers to interact with each other and share ideas to get the most out of the connected business solution. The new community forum is fully integrated with the rest of our operations making it easier for us to get involved and respond.

New! Feature Request:

The new website allows users to suggest new features for future releases of Connected Business and allows other users vote the feature up or down.

New! Affiliates:

Introducing our Give 5, Take 5 referral program. Refer Connected Business to friends and colleagues with a custom 5% off coupon code and earn a 5% referral fee on every account that signs up. They get the discount; you get the referral fee. Sign up now and start earning today!

And what about Connected Business 16?

The Official Connected Business 16 announcement is right around the corner as we are putting the finishing touches on it. With over 100 new feature's and usability improvements, we believe Version 16 will be our finest release ever. Stay Tuned...


The Connected Business Team
Connected Business
1933 S. Broadway #162 Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: 310-734-4290


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Connected Business Training Special!
Posted by cb admin on 19 August 2015 10:05 AM

Interprise Newsletter

Interprise Solutions  
Home     Products     Company     Contact Us: 310-734-4290
2015 Connected Business User Conference
SPECIAL OFFER: For only $495 per participant, learn how to use
Connected Business to help drive your business.

During the August and September classes

we are offering the three day class for $495 per participant.

Call Chloe at 206-384-4956
or send an email message to her at
for additional information.

Course Overview

Managing Your Finances
This course teaches how to use Connected Business to manage your finances. The course teaching how to use the Financial Center / Financial Statements as well as how to use templates to assure that all transactions are automatically posted to the correct Chart of Account Codes. This course is ideal for anyone working with the financial side of your business.

Banking & Financial Layout
This course teaches how to use Connected Business to manage your bank accounts and format your financial statements. The course teaches how to maintain bank accounts and monitoring the financial health of your company through the Financial Statement Layouts. This course is idea for anyone working with the financial side of your business.

Sales & Customer Service using CRM
This course teaches how to use Connected Business to sell to prospects and support current customers. Processes from both the Customer Module and the CRM Module are covered. Sales activities, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, customer cases, and managing sales reps are covered. This course is ideal for anyone involved with sales or anyone working with customers.

Managing Your Inventory
This course teaches how to use Connected Business to manage your inventory. The course includes tracking inventory in all locations as well as transferring stock from one location to another, physical inventory, and stock adjustments. This course is idea for anyone who is responsible for tracking inventory or needs to see stock availability.

Retail Operations
This course teaches how to use the POS Module to manage your retail business, or to take orders from trade shows, showrooms, warehouse counter, or another setting where you need to process orders or sales quickly. This course is ideal for owners of retail stores, store managers, retail staff, or personnel working trade shows or other promotional events.

Customers, Orders, & Fulfillment
This course teaches how to work with customers during the order process. All related processes are covered including: Customer, Order Entry, Invoicing, and Shipping. This course is ideal for people who process orders, customer service staff who access orders, and executives who work with customers.

Customer Payments, Returns, & Collections
This course teaches how to work with customers. All processes relating to customer payments, credits, returns, collections, and loyalty points are covered. This course is ideal for salespeople who process orders, customer service staff who apply payments, anyone working with collections, and operations personnel.

Managing & Supporting the Shopping Cart
This course teaches how to maintain the look and feel of the shopping cart as well as the initial setup. This course is ideal for anyone who will update content on the website, manage promotions, and web development staff.

Working with Your Suppliers
This course teaches how to setup and work with your suppliers. The course includes the purchase order process, creating bills, and managing payables. This course is ideal for anyone who orders inventory or works with suppliers.


PBS 101 Customers, Orders, & Fulfillment August 26 9 am to 11 am
PBS 102 Customer Payments, Returns, and Collections August 26 11 am to 12 Noon
PBS 102 Continued August 26 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 103 Sales & Customer Service using CRM August 26 2 pm to 4 pm
PBS 104 Managing & Supporting Your Shopping Cart August 27 9 am to 11 am
PBS 105 Managing Your Inventory August 27 11 am to 12 noon
PBS 105 Continued August 27 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 106 Working With Your Suppliers August 27 2pm to 4 pm
PBS 107 Banking & Financial Layout August 28 9 am to 11 am
PBS 108 Managing Your Finances August 28 11 am to 12 noon
PBS 108 Continued August 28 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 109 Retail Operations August 28 2 pm to 4 pm


PBS 101 Customers, Orders, & Fulfillment September 23 9 am to 11 am
PBS 102 Customer Payments, Returns, and Collections September 23 11 am to 12 Noon
PBS 102 Continued September 23 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 103 Sales & Customer Service using CRM September 23 2 pm to 4 pm
PBS 104 Managing & Supporting Your Shopping Cart September 24 9 am to 11 am
PBS 105 Managing Your Inventory September 24 11 am to 12 noon
PBS 105 Continued September 24 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 106 Working With Your Suppliers September 24 2 pm to 4 pm
PBS 107 Banking & Financial Layout September 25 9 am to 11 am
PBS 108 Managing Your Finances September 25 11 am to 12 noon
PBS 108 Continued September 25 1 pm to 2 pm
PBS 109 Retail Operations September 25 2 pm to 4 pm

Connected Business 1933 S. Broadway #162 Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 310-734-4290

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CB available now
Posted by Nolly Chio on 01 July 2015 06:49 PM
CB is now available, it includes new features, enhancements and fixes.
If you are Licensed, you can download the latest version in the "My Downloads" section of the community website under "My Profile" and if you have any problems downloading the latest version please contact our sales department: Phone# 310-734-4290 email address:
If you are in our Cloud or hosted customers, you can submit a support ticket to the hosting department to arrange an upgrade. Please see below regarding the release notes.

Release Notes for Connected Business 15
Release Date: 07-01-2015

New Features and Key Benefits


    • New! Support for Matrix Group as Bundle Components in Bundle Items. You can now include matrix items in your bundle items. The new feature also includes a bundle configurator, so your online customers can choose which bundle components they want to be included in their bundle item.
    • New! Priority Order on Website feature. Connected Business eCommerce now allows you to set up priority order requests for your online customers, so they can pay an additional fee to have their orders placed on the top of the order process queue.
    • New! Show on Web option has been added for the Payment Term in CB. If enabled, this feature will allow the system to display selected Payment Terms. Otherwise the webstore's order form will hide the Payment Term.
    • New! Pricing Level Promotional Pricing on Website. Connected Business eCommerce now gives you more control over your item pricing with the new promotional pricing feature included in the web store. Applied pricing levels are reflected in real time.
    • New! Tokenized Topics. Topic contents may now be appended anywhere in the webstore simply by using this line of short code called token: (!Topic Name="name-of-topic"!)


    • New! Enabled Support Matrix Group added as part of Bundle Components.
    • New! Priority Order enabled. This gives customers the ability to prioritize order an order with added fee.
    • New! Promotional Pricing now available. You can set customer pricing according to a predetermined pricing level.


    • New! Ability to set up payment terms that will be shown on website.


    • New! Desktop Point of Sale now includes In-Store Pickup Notification for orders processed through the eCommerce store. When a customer chooses Store Pickup as the shipping method, POS will alert the brick and mortar store to pick the items from the inventory and put them on reserve. The store can then notify the customer via email when their order is ready for pickup.
    • New! Point of Sale interface is redesigned with a new, modern, flat design.
    • New! Bundle Item support for point of sale. The point of sale module can now accommodate orders for bundle items. The feature comes with a bundle configurator that allows you to specify which bundle components are to be included for the bundle item.
    • New! Support for matrix items as bundle components. The point of sale module now allows matrix items to be sold as bundle components in bundle items.
    • New! Support for kit items for point of sale. You can now sell Kit items from your point of sale module. The new feature comes with a kit configurator that allows you to identify which items are to be sold as part of your kit item.
    • New! Direct Customer Return feature. This feature allows you to accept items that customers wish to return without a previous transaction record or receipt. This is helpful for businesses who have just recently migrated their business system to Connected Business and their previous records are not entirely available.

Connected Warehouse

    • New! Physical Inventory feature now loads data for 10 items per batch to optimize loading time and prevent the application from crashing. When the last item has been processed, the app will load the data for next the 10 items.

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    • Enhanced! Implemented support of Priority Order feature.
    • Enhanced! UPS Standard included as an option when choosing Rate Quotes.
    • Enhanced! Printing labels now include ZPL Image Format as new option.


    • Enhanced! Contact name automatically included in newly created Drop Ship PO.
    • Enhanced! Enabled filter for inactive warehouses in the Ship To form.
    • Enhanced! Allowed change of payment date after initiating payment run.
    • Enhanced! Enabled Data Concurrency form to appear after closing the Bill form.


    • Enhanced! Pricing Levels added to Promotional Pricing feature. Filtering via pricing level is also enabled. 
    • Enhanced! Enabled support for Priority Items. You can assign priority to Stock, Non-Stock, and Service items.
    • Enhanced! Support Matrix Group, Gift Card and Gift Certificate as component of Bundle Item.

Connected Warehouse

    • Enhanced! Pick feature enabled to automatically create a back order for skipped items.
    • Enhanced! Enable Pick feature to sort items by bin location.
    • Enhanced! Implement support of Priority Order feature.
    • Enhanced! Add setting to Auto Post Physical Inventory.

Back to Top

What’s Improved


    • Improved! Fixed product filtering error
    • Improved! Enabled Kit Item sorting order based on user preference.
    • Improved! Fixed kit item price computation on shopping cart
    • Improved! Corrected shipping method list assigned for anonymous user
    • Improved! Corrected code for open invoices as displayed on the webstore.
    • Improved! Fixed option to duplicate item on shopping cart.
    • Improved! Fixed retrieval of available stock count in mobile version. This affects Google Chrome used through the iPod touch or iPhone.
    • Improved! Optimized synchronization of web images.
    • Improved! Free Shipping Threshold now processes discounted item amount instead of the original retail amount.
    • Improved! Fixed error generated by changed Customer password when shopping from the web store.
    • Improved! Addressed formatting issues within the WYSIWYG editor for the web store.
    • Improved! Removed redundant text displayed under Web Description.
    • Improved! Payment terms displayed on website now based on Show on Web tick box.
    • Improved! Randomized Polls. If multiple polls are active, they will randomly appear where (!POLLS!) token is rendered.


    • Improved! Activity time no longer changes when Opportunity column is changed.
    • Improved! Fixed error when changing activity duration time.


    • Improved! Serial/Lot number no longer missing in saved invoice transaction.
    • Improved! Tax report no longer show voided invoices.
    • Improved! Sales Order Transaction saving is now fixed.
    • Improved! Fixed calculation issue for Freight amount when converting to SO. Now the SO no longer assigns Freight amount based on the handling fee.
    • Improved! Fixed issued that prevent you from converting the Invoice into RMA.
    • Improved! Sales Orders with active shipping labels are prevented from being voided. When the action is attempted, a prompt appears with the message: "Cannot void sales order that has an active shipment. Please void the shipment record to void the order."
    • Improved! The Order forms now show the Contact Full Name as the Default Contact instead of the Contact Entity if the two fields are different.
    • Improved! Fixed the discrepancy between the Available Credits and Outstanding Balance when attempting to Apply Credits.
    • Improved! CustomerTransactionReceipt now automatically updates when an Invoice with applied Payment or Credit Memo is posted.
    • Improved! Fixed error when converting Sales Quote to Sales Order.
    • Improved! Invoices that have been previously converted to RMA can be Voided.
    • Improved! Fixed discrepancy that prevents Customer Receipts from being posted and allocated to the right Invoice.
    • Improved! Fixed error that prevents a Sales Order that originated as a Quote from being converted into an Invoice.


    • Improved! Enabled printing international shipment label through the Shipment form.
    • Improved! Corrected the object reference setting for completing the Shipment form.
    • Improved! Fixed the error that occurs when modifying the details of the shipping method.
    • Improved! Enabled the merge field in the fax/email template for Shipping Notification Report.
    • Improved! System now prevents the generation of shipment if the SO or Invoice contains drop ship items only.
    • Improved! Fixed object reference error when creating package using Manual Carrier.
    • Improved! Enabled the ability to print labels with or without international document
    • Improved! Shipment Notification email now contains Tracking Number.
    • Improved! Fixed Endicia issue in address validation if there is a plus 4 in postal code.
    • Improved! Implemented Merge Field in Shipping Notification Email Template.


    • Improved! Corrected currency settings and formatting as displayed in Report Center.
    • Improved! Disabled editing of Tax Code assigned under Freight and Other for Requisition / GRN / PO / Return forms marked Voided, Posted or Undo.
    • Improved! Accurate pie chart generation for Aged Credit tab.
    • Improved! Addressed issue in the GRN form that erases the total cost of the latest saved transaction.
    • Improved! Corrected issue in Bill form that leads to calculated GST tax for only one quantity.
    • Improved! Corrected invalid value for Quick Payment and Process Suggested Payments forms.
    • Improved! Fixed Tax Rates calculation for settings with more than two decimal places.
    • Improved! Corrected SET settings for receiving items from within the PO form.
    • Improved! Enabled the Complete Order button when total received quantity is greater than or equal to total quantity ordered, while the order is in partial status
    • Improved! Corrected the amount billed in Quick Payment or Payment Run when the settlement date is passed. The terms used are 30 with 2 discounts in 7 days.
    • Improved! Corrected the computation of the Quantity to Order in auto-generate PO using reorder points. This action occurs when changing the Days to Stock and Lead Time
    • Improved! Fixed issue that occurs when you auto-generate a purchase order if Days of Stock is zero.
    • Improved! Fixed the issue when printing a purchase order with additional items.
    • Improved! Fixed the Data Concurrency issue when allocating payment to bill.
    • Improved! Corrected the calculation of the tax amount when the order quantity is more than 1.
    • Improved! Show the correct contact name when creating drop ship and special orders.
    • Improved! Fixed the issue that occurs when changing the date in the payment run.
    • Improved! Inactive warehouses are hidden from view on the Ship To dropdown menu of the Purchase Order.


    • Improved! Image Editor for constrained proportion now working.
    • Improved! Reconciled unit selling price and net unit selling price to prevent discrepancy.
    • Improved profit analysis calculations for reports with a set date range.
    • Improved! Enabled item search based on ItemDescription.
    • Improved! Fixed issue when updating the cost of the item per supplier when using the product update wizard.
    • Improved! Message prompt displayed in the update item wizard log file when you reach the character limit of the Web Summary and Web Description columns.
    • Improved! Fixed issue when saving the Web Description of category.
    • Improved! CB gets the correct average cost of assembly items.
    • Improved! Enabled the action that allows custom fields to be added in inventory attribute form.


    • Improved! Reconciled balance and sum of Current and 120+ Days transactions when performing Aged Accounts Receivable Analysis.
    • Improved! Viewed account details in Financial Reports match the account transaction totals.
    • Improved! Reconciliation form now displays Fund Transfers entered for current month.

System Manager

    • Improved! Connected Business Import Manager for Customer records no longer accepts empty string value.


    • Improved! Fixed error message stating invalid column names for User Accounts.
    • Improved! Tax Override works better in the Point-of-Sale application.
    • Improved! Point-of-Sale application now supports sales order creation without payment.

Connected Warehouse

    • Improved! Fixed items that are shown twice when receiving.
    • Improved! Set needed shipping configuration such as the image type when using the provider Endicia. Created shipments are also deleted when shipping fails.
    • Improved! Fixed the error that generates the message, ‘Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row’ when scanning an item in Pick.
    • Improved! Sorted items by bin location when picking orders.


Thank you for your continued patronage,

Connected Business Team

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Interprise Newsletter

Interprise Solutions  
Home     Products     Company     Contact Us: 310-734-4290
2015 Connected Business User Conference
40% Discount extended for a limited time. Use Promotion code 4UY195QBMG or click here

Come discover new ways to improve YOUR sales and increase YOUR profitability!

At Connected Business we understand the vital role our solution plays in the day to day operations of your business and how overwhelming our solution can be at times. With thousands of features and hundreds of configuration options spread across more than a dozen major modules, Connected Business is one of the most powerful ERP solutions on the marketplace.

Since our last conference we have added hundreds of new features to our solution, each designed to help you increase sales or operate more efficiently. In fact, many of the new features we added based on feedback given at our last user conference!

*** FACT! Companies that send their employees to one of our user conferences
or training events submit 50%-75% LESS support tickets  ***

Benefits of attending the 2015 Connected Business user conference include...

  • Learn all about this amazing solution from the designer's and developers that helped create it. 
  • Learn about the inner workings of the solution that can help you identify ways to optimize your setup and configuration to keep your operations running at PEAK EFFICENCY.
  • Discover powerful new features you never knew existed!
  • Get NEW IDEAS on how you can utilize the system to INCREASE SALES, PRODUCTIVITY, and PROFITABILITY!!
  • Learn about the new Version 15 features.
  • Get a Sneak PEEK at some of the features we are working on for future releases
  • Learn about he inner workings of the solution to make sure that you are using it most effectively
  • Learn bout all the new features added since the last user conference and how they can help you increase sales and efficiency
  • Meet key Connected Business partners and discover how their powerful plug-in add-ons can benefit your business
  • Network with other users of Connected Business and learn from the creative and innovative ways that they use the application in their business.
  • Developer Training! Our developer training track will cover our SDK (from basic to intermediate) and our powerful RESTful Web service API
  • Meet the Connected Business team!
  • Vegas!

Our most Intimate Conference EVER!

To keep class sizes as small as possible, we have expanded the conference to 5 concurrent tracks. The conference will run 3 jam packed days (June 10-12th) so that you can get the most out of every minute at the conference. Tracks include:

Tracks 1&2: General Solution Training  
  • Managing Your Finances
  • Banking & Financial Layout
  • Sales & Customer Service using CRM
  • Customers, Orders, & Fulfillment
  • Customer Payments, Returns, & Collections
  • Managing Your Inventory
  • Managing & Supporting Shopping Cart
  • Retail Operations
  • Working with Your Suppliers
Track 3: Special Topics Track 4: eCommerce Design
  • Connected Warehouse
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Runtime Customization
  • Performance Setup
  • Basic HTML
  • Cool Web Design Tools
  • CBE Skin Overview and How-To
  • CBE Skin Responsive
Track 5: Developer Topics  
  • Connected Business Platform Overview
  • Connected Business Plugin Factory
  • Connected Business Plugin Development

Accommodations - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

For 70 years, Flamingo Las Vegas has set the trend for Las Vegas style. This is where the Strip began, and though much has changed since then, the Flamingo’s vibrancy and allure remain the same. The Flamingo is classic Vegas with a contemporary sophistication that’s as welcoming as it is hip. And with an array of guest-pleasing features and one-of-a-kind venues – like the incredible 15-acre tropical paradise and Wildlife Habitat – the Flamingo has just what it takes to turn your event into something pretty historic, too.


Connected Business 1933 S. Broadway #162 Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 310-734-4290

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